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Pilot Plants

CASE STUDIES: Pilot Plants

EPIC builds plants that range in size from a single demonstration skid to multi-module pilot plants for a range of industries. Each pilot plant is unique and custom designed for the clients process. Below is are pilot plant case studies of some recent pilot modules we have built.

We cannot  share all projects due to client confidentiality, so if you don’t see something similar to your process below contact an engineer at EPIC today to start discussing your specific application.

Pilot Plant Case Studies

Upgrading to Automated Pilot Plant Increases Production by 60%

hazardous chemical pilot skid getting ready to shipA mostly manual process with long product development needed an automation and equipment upgrade. EPIC provided an automated batching pilot plant with recipe management software that featured new capabilities for the client.

The larger equipment fit into the existing space thanks to a modular pilot skid design, and resulted in 60% more product formulated on the line. This upgrade also allowed to client to expand custom formulation options to their end clients.

Key Features: Batch reaction process, automated batching controls, process module automation, chemical pilot plant.

Demonstration Plant Built Proves ROI for New Product Series

pilot plant for biochemicalA project that is a partnership between Seneca, Argo Genesis and the University of Iowa needed a demonstration plant to test bio-based asphalt additives. New additives are being developed at the University with funding from the other two partners, and a few formulations are ready for market testing.

EPIC was able to work with the clients lab data to provide a working demonstration plant that is currently running the new formulations. The demonstration plant allows market testing for the new products and has proven production viability to investors.

Key features: Two phase batch reaction-to-distillation system, technology scale-up, bio-polymer processing system

Pilot Module Removes 90% CO2 and Validates New Sequestration Technology for Akermin

pilot plant distillation systemAkermin, Inc. developed a new enzyme-based absorption method for CO2 removal from flue-gas. They needed to demonstrate the technology at the National Carbon Capture Center, which required an absorption and stripping pilot system. EPIC designed and build a pilot plant based on Akermin’s lab data.

This pilot system consistently removed 90% CO2 from the flue-stream in tests so far, with over 1,000 hours of operation. Recently, Akermin and EPIC expanded the origonal pilot skid for further testing.

Key Features: A pilot module that was over 51 feet tall and weighed more than 39,000 lbs, absorption and stripping technologies, DeltaV DCS, Class 1, Div 1

Compact Proof-of-Concept Pilot Module For Biofuel

advanced pilot plant biofuelOne of the major challenges for this project was the final destination; a small lab space in a seismic zone with no built-in utilities that could service the pilot plant. The final design of the plant by EPIC was very compact to fit in the space, included production level equipment and utilities to service that equipment, and met all seismic zoning safety requirements. The system also featured over 12 sampling points and provided the end-client with a clear path to the production level system that would follow.

Key Features: Multi-stage separation process, proof-of-concept module, industrial feasibility testing, integrated utility systems, 12+ sampling points, chemical pilot plants

Proprietary Technology Proven With Pilot Module

pilot plant design for batch reactor system 2Only sharing the process flow, EPIC’s client required a pilot testing module for the new ion-exchange process. The module had to fit in a very small space, and include over 15 sampling points to test various product parameters throughout production. The highly corrosive end-product also required special materials of construction, including teflon lined piping.

EPIC was able to deliver a turnkey pilot plant that successfully allowed the client to test their product in commercial-level equipment. A full-scale production facility followed a year after the pilot plant was installed.

Key Features: Modular plant design, proprietary client technology, commercial level production with industrial grade components, instrumentation & sampling points, highly corrosive chemical, effluent treatment, elaborate piping specification.

Client Testimonial

“We wouldn’t even put EPIC Systems in the running if we thought that they were incapable in any way of handling each and every one of our process and safety specifications. We have no doubt that the innovative solutions built and automated by EPIC will far surpass industry and market standards for accuracy, saving us time, money and future redesign. We want to be challenged to build the most innovative and most efficient systems for our manufacturing processes. With all of their recommendations, EPIC provides solid rationale for this caliber of advanced systems. I appreciate the fact that I have an external engineering team and that I can call or just come by EPIC to talk about a new concept or project.”Industrial Manufacturing Client

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