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Fastest time to market with proven pilot plant design and build methods, EPIC has been designing and building successful process modules for over 20 years. You bring the process technology, we do the rest.

Pilot Plants Designed & Built By EPIC

Pilot Scale System Achieves 90% CO2 Sequestration

A pilot-scale distillation system allowed the client to test various system parameters and prove a new CO2 removal technology. CO2 was removed from flue gas in a two-step distillation process. The design, fabrication and installation of the pilot process systems was handled turnkey by EPIC.  More about this distillation system…

Key Features: Pilot plants weight – 39,000 lbs. Height – 51 feet tall, dual packed distillation columns, DeltaV DCS, Class 1, Div 1

Automated Pilot Plants Increase Production 60%

hazardous chemical pilot skid getting ready to shipAn automotive chemicals client approached EPIC about upgrading an existing pilot plant to an increased level of automation and added formulation capabilities.  EPIC performed automation upgrades, added new processing steps, and programmed a new batch management software. These upgrades resulted in a 60% production increase.

Key Features: Batch reaction process, automated batching controls, process module automation, chemical pilot plants.

Gallery of Proven Pilot Plants

Applications & Unit Operations:

The custom pilot skids we build can incorporate virtually any set of unit operations or process applications. We work with you to optimize, scale-up and refine your process flow during pilot process systems design. The common process applications we see include:

  • Mixing
    • Batch or continuous
  • Reaction
    • Batch or continuous
  • Separation
    • Distillation
    • Solvent Recovery
    • Absorption
    • Steam stripping
    • Extraction
    • Precipitation
    • Crystallization
  • Particle Sizing
  • Drying

Contact an engineer or call EPIC (314) 845-0077 to discuss a pilot plant for your specific industry and application.

Client Testimonial  

“I value their exploration of new technology and find long term value in this company, not just for one-off projects. EPIC’s project managers keep open communication and have our trust. We know that they can do more than just get the job done; they can get it done right. We collaborate with inventive thinking based on efficiency and do not simply rely on what worked before for another client for pilot process systems.” – Senior Process Engineer, Fortune 100 Agri-Chem Company.  

Top Industries Served:

chemical pilot plantWe have built demonstration and pilot plants for a variety of industries. The most common industries we have served are:

  • Chemicals
    • Industrial Chemicals
    • Agricultural Chemicals
    • Petrochemicals
    • Biochemicals
  • Alternative fuels
  • New technologies
  • Pharmaceuticals

Contact an engineer or call EPIC (314) 845-0077 to discuss a pilot plant for your specific industry and application.

Next Steps: Getting Custom Pilot Process Systems

Getting your custom pilot plant design starts by reaching out to EPIC to discuss your specific application. We thoroughly discuss your technical, commercial and operational goals for the project. With both engineering and fabrication teams under one roof, we are a one-stop shop for pilot plant design and fabrication. Specializing in process scale-up, we follow our proven method to deliver successful pilot modules. Our process is:

  1. Discuss the technical, commercial and operational aspects of your project with us. Contact an Engineer (314) 845-0077.
  2. Design your custom pilot plant, simulation of process technologies to find optimized process system design. Material balances, process flow diagrams, operating conditions and limits, piping and instrumentation diagrams, etc. generated along with complete models.
  3. Automation and controls design begins and continues through assembly and fabrication. Varying levels of automation can be applied depending on your needs, from nearly manual to fully automated.
  4. Assembly and fabrication is completed in EPIC’s plant. Our professional craftsmen work under controlled conditions to produce the highest quality skids.
  5. Full testing is completed on all pilot skids at EPIC’s facility. This includes equipment and controls testing, as well as special safety tests as needed. Modules arrive at your facility fully tested and ready to go.
  6. Shipping and installation of pilot plants at your facility. Our team comes to you with a fully tested pilot plant ready to be installed and integrated into your facility. Complete integration of a new system takes an average of three days to complete, including punch-list and turnover.
  7. On-going support is provided as you run your pilot plant on an as-needed basis. Questions, concerns or future system adjustments, EPIC is there for you.

Case Studies: See More Examples of Past Projects

case-studiesDetailed descriptions of turnkey pilot plants, demonstration modules and commercial plants that EPIC has built.

Video Gallery: Watch Clips of Projects, Methods & More

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Pilot plant videos of turnkey projects and the proven design & construction process EPIC follows to successfully create them.

Press Releases: Read the Latest News from EPIC

Press Releases

Completed pilot plant projects, company accolades and job openings – read about them all here.

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