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Demonstration Plants

FAQ Demonstration Plants

what is a demonstration plantCommon demonstration plant questions are listed below. Requests for specific project examples or further information can be answered by one of our scale-up specialists: 314-714-1580.

What is the difference between a demonstration plant and a pilot plant?

Some people use pilot plant and demonstration plant interchangeably, but a demonstration module is often considered larger and more commercial than a pilot skid.

Why do you build a demonstration module?

Demonstration plants are used to prove commercial and technical viability and prove production technology. Goals for demonstration skids may include:

  • Produce enough end-product to begin distribution and market development/testing.
  • Demonstrate (hence the name) your process technology works at production levels and has a viable commercial manufacturing method on production level equipment.
  • Show a reasonable return on investment ROI for the capital that will be invested in a full-scale system, including the operational costs of running such a system.

How much will a demonstration module cost?

Demonstration system costs vary with each application. Certain factors can drive the cost up, including: operating conditions, the presence of corrosive chemicals, and required production capacity. For a longer explanation of potential cost drivers, visit our pilot plant FAQ page.

What is the timeline for a demonstration skid installation?

Project timelines vary and are developed in collaboration with each client. Major items that can affect timeline include: size and complexity of the system, equipment lead times, and financial milestones, among other factors. To start discussing your projects potential timetable, please contact an engineer or call us 314-714-1580.

What are the next steps?

demonstration plant costThe starting point for every project is a discussion about your technical and commercial goals. Contact an Engineer 314-714-1580 to start this discussion. Once mutual interest is established, your project will progress through our turnkey design/build process which includes:

  1. EPIC’s Front-End Engineering
  2. Demonstration plant design
  3. Process controls engineering
  4. Modular fabrication and testing
  5. System installation
  6. Start-up and commissioning


Do you have experience in my specific process or industry?

We build process solutions for applications and industries that can vary greatly. From industrial chemicals to brand new processes, we apply our proven design/build method and extensive knowledge of system scale-up. During our first few discussions with you about your demonstration plant, we fully explore all technical and commercial aspects of the project to ensure we have the right experience and fit with your goals.

We are happy to provide project examples upon request and you can also look for a fit in our case study section. If your project is not right for us, we will let you know early in the process and try to point to a better resource.

Do you only service certain geographic regions?

Absolutely not. We have installed systems all over the globe, and we continue to look for project partners where our turnkey approach provides value-add. As you can see from the map below, we seek opportunities at a global level and are confident in our abilities to provide superior ROI no matter where you are located.

Are there any size restrictions to demonstration plants?

There are some restrictions based on shipping method. Most modules ship via truck, which restricts them to a width of 14 feet and a height of 12 to 14 feet. Specific shipping methods can change these restrictions, and complicated systems can be built into multiple modules.

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