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Demonstration Plants

CASE STUDIES: Demonstration Modules

Demonstration plant case studies that we can share are below. Each demonstration module is customized for the client’s application and production goals, but we use the same turnkey approach for all projects. For further information or experience in your specific application, contact or call EPIC.

Demonstration Plant Case Studies | Demonstration Modules

Innovative Demonstration Module Fits New Distillation Process Into Small Space

demonstration plant case studiesA two-skids-in-one design allowed a new distillation system for separating ethanol to fit into a small, hard-to-reach area of an existing plant. A complicated installation path that included two 90 degree turns and several lifts was successfully navigated during installation.

The innovate design was fully assembled and tested at EPIC’s facility before shipment. Process connections between the two skids and to the plant itself were hooked up at installation.

The complete unit separates 91% ethanol from water, but split into two self-contained distillation modules for shipping. A 4.5 psia vacuum is maintained in both columns, lowering energy requirements.

Key Features: Dual distillation system, vacuum distillation, ethanol separation, hydro-testing.

Demo Plant Vets New Formulations Through Reaction & Distillation Process

Bio Chemical Demonstration SkidA two-phase batch-reaction-to-distillation set of demonstration modules was used to scale client technology from lab data. EPIC designed and fabricated the demonstration plant in St. Louis and then shipped the completed and tested plant to the client’s R&D facility several states away. The new demo plant allows the client to test new formulations of heavy industrial compounds and vet them for commercial use.

Key features: Two phase batch reaction-to-distillation system, technology scale-up

Product Distribution Enabled Through Demonstration Plant

demonstration moduleA client needed to start producing product at significant levels to begin distribution and build a potential market. The batch reactor system included making, drying and bagging operations for an agri-chemical product.  This demonstration plant is easily expandable into a full production facility in the future, allowing organic growth for the client.

Key Features: Batch reaction, chemical drying, bulk bagging, demonstration skid.

Absorption Demonstration Module Achieves 90% Separation

distillation demonstration modulesA bio-catalyst delivery technology achieved 90% separation with an absorption column demonstration module. The client needed to prove their new technology uses permeable polymer films during separation to boost absorption.

The turnkey demonstration skid from EPIC was designed and built in partnership with the client, ensuring the module would achieve separation goals and provide enough technical data to validate the technology. A fully tested, automated unit was delivered to the client site and has been successfully running for over a year.

Key Features: Absorption system, demonstration module, turnkey design/build.

Case Studies: See More Examples of Past Projects

case-studiesDetailed descriptions of turnkey pilot plants, demonstration modules and commercial plants that EPIC has built.

Video Gallery: Watch Clips of Projects, Methods & More

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Pilot plant videos of turnkey projects and the proven design & construction process EPIC follows to successfully create them.

Press Releases: Read the Latest News from EPIC

Press Releases

Completed pilot plant projects, company accolades and job openings – read about them all here.

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