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Commercial Plants

FAQ Production Plants

Commercial plants
Production plants are complicated projects that come with many questions. We have put answers to a few of the common questions about process pilot systems below. Further information and examples of specific applications can be acquired by contacting EPIC 314-714-1580.

Do you only build modular production plants?

No. We look for opportunities where our modular approach can be a benefit, but sometimes it is not practical to approach a project with modular design. We are also experienced in full service process system development, and provide turnkey responsibility for these types of projects as well. From pilot scale production to full commercial plants, our goal is to design and build the fastest to market, most capital efficient systems we can.

How large of a commercial plant can you provide?

There is no distinct size limit. We can and have managed greenfield projects, but we also commonly do pilot production scale plants. We will not take on projects that put you or us at great financial risk. If during the project evaluation stage we determine we are not a good fit for your production plant project, we will connect you to the resource through our experience in the industry.

What does it cost to get a production plant?

Each plant project is different. Many factors effect the cost. EPIC provides Budgetary ROM’s or fixed quote Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) packages that accurately estimate costs. To get started on one, contact an engineer 314-714-1580.

How do I get started?

The starting place for every project is a discussion about how we can fit your technical and commercial goals. Contact an Engineer 314-714-1580 to start this discussion. If we both decide to move forward, your project will progress through our turnkey design/build process which includes:

  1. EPIC’s Front-End Engineering
  2. Demonstration plant design
  3. Process controls engineering
  4. Modular fabrication and testing
  5. System installation
  6. Start-up and commissioning

Have you worked with my particular process?

The applications and industries that we build process solutions for vary greatly. From industrial chemicals to brand new process pilot systems, we apply our proven design/build methodology and knowledge of system scale-up. During our first few discussions with you about your demonstration plant, we fully explore all technical and commercial aspects of the project to ensure our experience base is a good fit with your goals.

Please contact an engineer today to get specific examples of our experience, or visit our case study page for a sampling. If your project is not a good fit, we will inform you early on and connect you with your perfect resource.

Where do you deliver production plants to?

We have delivered plants around world with over 20 years of experience.

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