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Commercial Plants

CASE STUDIES: Commercial Plants

Below are commercial plant examples that EPIC designed, fabricated and installed for clients. We have only shared certain jobs with client permission. For more information on other experience or further details please contact or call EPIC.

Modular Design for Commercial Plant Saves $9 Million

modular production plantA modular approach to this commercial plant for deodorant saved the client $9 million in estimated costs vs. traditional build methods. EPIC stripped out an existing process at the same time building a new, automated batch manufacturing plant off-site. The project included packaging lines, process systems, and a tank farm upgrade.

KEY FEATURES: modular process plants, batch mixing systems, raw material farm and pipe bridges, packaging lines.  

Sanitary Production Plant Revitalizes Manufacturing Site

sanitary production plantReplacing a defunct car factory, EPIC helped International Foods build a new sanitary process and packaging plant in North Saint Louis. Using modular plant construction methods, the project timeline was shortened by four months with simultaneous civil development of the facility and off-site fabrication of the process systems. EPIC designed, built and integrated both the batch mixing production systems and the automated packaging lines for the new facility.

Key Features: Greenfield facility, sanitary blending skids, batch mixing systems, liquid packaging, powder packaging, utilities, automation design, bulk packaging operations

Automotive Chemical Plant Upgrade Automates Batch Management

production plant photosAn automated batch mixing and recipe tracking system helped EPIC’s automotive parts client leap forward in production levels. The previously manual process involved managing over 100 chemical mixtures for part treatment. The new system mixed and tracked the various formulas through the system, improving both production speeds and storage procedures. Managers and line operators interface with the system in-real time, managing production, process parameters and resources.

Key Features: Chemical treatment dips, automated mixing system, batch mixing, Wonderware InBatch Software, Class 1, Group D, Division 1, hazardous area

Fast Commercial Plant Design Shaves 40% Off Plant Build Timeline

production plant designA new seed treatment facility was having trouble sourcing equipment for their new facility. EPIC stepped in and was able to fabricate custom process equipment and semi-automated treatment line. This custom solution allowed the client to open the facility on the original timeline and shaved 40% off the projected timeline.

Key Features: Chemical seed treatment system, automated rotating process drum, seed washing and drying, bulk packaging

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