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Sanitary Industries Served

Pharmaceutical Pilot PlantDo you have a sanitary process you wish to scale to a pilot level system? EPIC’s engineers develop custom sanitary pilot process systems for a wide variety of industries including: food and beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care and more. Our team of sanitary process experts take your concept and make it a reality.

Designing Sanitary Pilot Plants

Our experienced team of process engineers have worked in real world industry applications and understand the nuances of the sanitary industry. We make the following considerations when designing sanitary systems:

Sanitary Standards & Design Considerations

  • 20 Ra pipe finishing & turbulent flow tube sizing
  • 3A
  • Accurate instrument orientation
  • AWS
  • CFR Part 21
  • Correct slope to load drain and total drainability
  • Maximum cleanability
  • No internal dead legs
  • Quality Control (IQ, PQ, OQ)
  • Sanitary valves
  • Tangential nozzles
  • Validation
  • V-diagrams
  • Zero crevices/cavities

Sanitary Assembly, Fabrication & Shipment Considerations

  • Autogeneous welding/fusion welding
  • Component verification
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Functional I/O checks
  • Industry specific testing as needed
  • MTR verification & PMI
  • NIST- traceable instrument calculation checks
  • Non-metal materials of construction – glass lined, Teflon lined, plastic lined, PVC, Kinare
  • Operational valve checks
  • Orbital welding
  • Piping & equipment hydro-testing
  • Piping, instrumentation and equipment verification
  • Radiography testing and visual inspection of welds
  • Riboflavin testing as needed
  • Sanitary tube
  • Shipment suitability verification
  • Triclamp fitting construction
  • Wiring ring-out

Specific Applications for Sanitary Pilot Process Systems

  • Passivation
  • Pasturization (PU’s)
  • UV treatment

Commissioning of Sanitary Pilot Plants

  • Checkout
  • Validation completion

Case Example: Sanitary Pilot Plants

Sanitary Pilot Process Beats Competition to Market for New Product

sanitary pilot plantA consumer products company needed to get a new cosmetic product out before the competition. EPIC designed, built and installed a pilot plant working directly with the R&D department at the client’s facility. A tight timeline and quick launch date were met in-part because of off-site modular design of the sanitary pilot plant.  .

KEY FEATURES: Food grade sanitary requirements, compact design, batch manufacturing system.  

Sanitary Pilot Process Customer Testimonial

EPIC offered an in-house construction service where they built modular skids for our blending systems. Six modular units containing two blending vessels each were shipped to our plant and installed with very few problems.  In Illinois, we have very expensive construction labor.  While this endeavor saved us quite a bit of expense, we found the quality of their delivered product was top-notch, conforming to all ANSI and GMP standards.” – Manager at Frotune 500 Personal Care Products Company

Case Studies: See More Examples of Past Projects

case-studiesDetailed descriptions of turnkey pilot plants, demonstration modules and commercial plants that EPIC has built.

Video Gallery: Watch Clips of Projects, Methods & More

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Pilot plant videos of turnkey projects and the proven design & construction process EPIC follows to successfully create them.

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