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An EPIC project manager coaches a customer through pilot plant system startup

Consumer Products

We design consumer products pilot plants including automated chemical batching systems, plastic extruding and manipulation systems, and systems dealing with emulsion of gel products. If you have a product that is on the sanitary spectrum, please see our sanitary pilot plants page. The range of products we work with includes:

  • Aerosols
  • Automotive fluids
  • Detergents and soaps
  • Lawn & garden products
  • Gels and plastics
  • Household cleaners
  • Paints
  • Paper products
  • Pet care products
  • Pool and spa care products
batch reactor system for chemical pilot plant


EPIC has 20+ years experience engineering, designing and building chemical pilot plants including everything from batch mixing and reaction pilot plants to industrial distillation pilot plants. With our offsite fabrication shop, we minimize unnecessary interruptions to any existing manufacturing processes. Our recent product examples include:

  • Industrial – coatings, inorganic, organic, acids, bases, ammonia, plastics
  • Household – cleaners, soaps, automotive, peroxides
  • Agricultural – pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers
  • Other – salts, urea, rubber, varnishes, waxes


From pipe bridges and heat tracing applications to desalting systems, EPIC designs and fabricates petrochemical pilot plants for refineries, power plants, and other related industrial applications. With our offsite fabrication shop, OSHA exposure hours and interruption onsite are minimized. We’ve designed petrochemical pilot plants that work with:

  • Coal and coal tar
  • Coke
  • Natural gas
  • Synthesized gas
  • Petroleum and oil
  • Water purification systems
  • Contaminate removal systems

Alternative Energy & Green Technologies

Whether you’re seeking to validate an alternative energy source or test an innovative application of an existing technology, our pilot plant engineers tailor practical, proven engineering and fabrication solutions to your unique process technology. Recent products we’ve worked with include:

  • Ethanol
  • Natural gas & CNG
  • Hydrogen
  • Biodiesel
  • Methanol


  • P-series fuels
  • LP (Liquefied petroleum)
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Biomass
  • Fuel-cells

Additional Industries

Looking for a different kind of pilot plant? Our experienced team of engineers, skilled craftspeople and quality assurance professionals are here to shepherd you through every phase of pilot plant design, engineering and fabrication. Contact us to request a quote for your unique pilot plant project.

Industrial Demonstration and Pilot Plants by EPIC

You bring the process technology, EPIC delivers a proven pilot plant that is commissioned for commercial success. Our process engineers offer practical, proven engineering solutions that reduce pitfalls and deliver optimal project timelines.

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EPIC’s Unique Approach

EPIC is a company guided by ethics and fairness. We have a proven history of successfully engineering, designing and fabricating a variety of industrial pilot plant systems. We are constantly reassured of our company’s value through the countless customers who have offered to serve as our references. We deliver what we promise and only provide solutions that make our clients, vendors, and company proud.

Many pilot plant companies can help you commercialize your process technology and expand current operations, but the EPIC approach prioritizes risk reduction and ensures long-term profitability for our clients above all else.

Our Complete Design/Build Process

We build your system by applying the latest in pilot plant design, utilizing robust modeling software and a complete understanding of your process technology. Your project manager guides your pilot plant through a turnkey process that includes our state of the art design, fabrication & installation. Unlike many of our competitors, we take complete responsibility for both design and fabrication, fully commissioning the system for production.
  • Concept Development

    Work with our engineers to create a conceptual design for your pilot plant. You provide the process technology and we’ll design an ideal pilot plant.

  • Quoting

    Find out what your system will cost. We provide a range of estimates from quick Rough Order Magnitudes (ROMs) to fixed bid full Front-End Engineering (FEL) packages.

  • Simulation & Process Design

    We simulate your pilot or demonstration plant operating conditions and design, walking through several scale iterations, 2D and 3D pilot & demo plant designs.

  • Automation & Controls Programming

    We offer various levels of pilot plant automation from fully automated to mostly manual. Our in-house programming team develops controls in tandem with your pilot plant’s physical design.

  • Construction & Assembly

    Our state-of-the-art fabrication shop and full-time team of skilled craftspeople provide a controlled, production-style environment for pilot plant construction.

  • Installation

    Modules arrive fully assembled, tested, and “plug-and-play” ready. Our installation crew minimizes downtime for existing operations. Most installs take less than a week to complete including startup.

  • Startup & Checkout

    Install is not complete until your system is fully operational and all punch-list items are resolved. Our team ensures your team is trained and that the system is running to spec.

Advantages of Modular Design

Each of our pilot plants benefits from our expertise in modular process system design/build methods. Appropriately sized projects that can be executed modularly are delivered to market on average 40% faster than through traditional stick-built methods. While your EPIC pilot plant is built in our controlled shop environment, onsite facility modifications or full construction can proceed simultaneously.

Visit our Advantages to Modular page to learn more.

A Few of Our Satisfied Clients

A selection of satisfied pilot or demonstration plant customers. To get references or learn about applications in your industry, Contact Us for specific project examples.

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