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pilot plant equipmentDo you have an industrial chemical technology that you would like to commercialize? We build pilot plants for a wide range of industrial applications that are instrumental in proving commercial viability and profitability of new and innovative processes. EPIC builds rugged and dependable pilot units that can adapt to many different types of manufacturing environments.

Industrial Pilot Plant Equipment Design Considerations

EPIC makes the following considerations when executing industrial scale production pilot plant projects:

Industrial Standards:

  • GHS – Global Harmonized Service safety standards
  • GMP – Good manufacturing practices
  • ASME B31.1 and 31.3
  • ASEM Section 8 National Board Certification
  • NFPA area classification

Environmental Considerations:

  • Process plan
  • Severe duty environments
  • Seismic zones
  • Outdoor environments
  • High temperature environments
  • Extreme environment conditions

Structural Fabrication:

  • ASME classifications of service for process piping design
    • Category D – nonflammable, non-toxic, non-damaging to human tissue
    • Category M – toxic fluids
    • Category K – high pressure service
    • Normal fluid services
  • Wind loading analysis
  • Lift plan development
  • FEA analysis/structural testing

Handling Corrosive Materials:

  • 3-16L Carpenter 20
  • Hastelloy c328
  • Teflon Lined Reactors
  • Glass Lined Reactors

Client Testimonial – Industrial Scale Up to Pilot Plant

“We were impressed with the professionalism and dedication of EPIC Systems’ entire organization, from the shop floor to their management team.  Throughout the entire project, their team communicated with clarity and transparency. 

This was especially important to us as this pilot plant project was a first-of-its-kind for Akermin.  Project scope changes were handled quickly and equitably.  I would return to EPIC for future projects and I recommend their project management expertise to other organizations requiring a turnkey contractor for design, fabrication, and commissioning.” – Bob Martinelli, Director, Engineering Operations at Akermin, Inc.  

Case Study: Industrial Pilot Plant Equipment

industrial pilot plant equipmentAutomated Industrial Pilot Plant Speeds Up Chemical Production

A chemical manufacturer was able to speed a specialty chemical batching process up by upgrading to an automated pilot plant. Existing process equipment relied heavily on manual operator actions. EPIC was able to design a new industrial pilot unit to replace the manual equipment and produce specialty formulations nearly twice as fast.

Key Features: Batch reaction process, automated batching controls, process module automation, chemical pilot plant.

How to Start with EPIC on Your Custom Pilot Unit

To start the process of your custom pilot plant equipment design, reach out to an EPIC pilot plant engineer. We will discuss the technical, commercial and operational goals for your specific industrial scale-up project.  Our process is:

  1. EPIC’s Front-End Engineering
  2. Demonstration plant design
  3. Process controls engineering
  4. Modular fabrication and testing
  5. System installation
  6. Start-up and commissioning

Case Studies: See More Examples of Past Projects

case-studiesDetailed descriptions of turnkey pilot plants, demonstration modules and commercial plants that EPIC has built.

Video Gallery: Watch Clips of Projects, Methods & More

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Pilot plant videos of turnkey projects and the proven design & construction process EPIC follows to successfully create them.

Press Releases: Read the Latest News from EPIC

Press Releases

Completed pilot plant projects, company accolades and job openings – read about them all here.

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