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Industries Served for Modular Process Systems

Industries Served

Industrial pilot plantEPIC has executed successful pilot scale project in a wide variety of industries. Virtually any industry that is making a product, could have a need for an industrial pilot plant.

Our process engineers understand the nuances that exist in sanitary and industrial pilot plant systems. EPIC’s engineers have backgrounds in a wide range of industrial and sanitary industries. Their in-plant experience helps them clearly understand the challenges that face plant personal and how those challenges affect daily operations. For more information about our expert teams, contact us to talk to an engineer with experience in your industry.

Industrial Pilot Plants

  • Chemicals  
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Alternative fuels
  • Consumer products

Sanitary Applications

  • Consumer products
  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals

Project Examples

EPIC Designs and Builds Industrial Pilot Plant With Two Phase Batch Reaction-to-Distillation

Key Features:

  • pilot plant supplierTwo phase batch reaction-to-distillation system
  • Process scale-up of new technology to working demonstration pilot plant
  • Multipurpose biopolymer processing system for new product development
  • Agitation and pumping systems which handle highly viscous material
  • Solvent recovery and recycling

Core Challenges:

  • Upscaling new, lab tested formula for full demonstration plant production
  • Designing the multi-skid pilot system to withstand harsh Iowa winters and other weather elements due to the outdoor location of final installation
  • Creating a flexible process design capable of processing several formulas, including unknown future formulations.

Sanitary Process Plant Design Conversion by Top Pilot Plant Supplier

modular production plantKey Features:

  • Upgraded plant from traditional bar soap capability to multiple deodorant products: clear gel, glycol deodorant stick, and antiperspirant stick
  • Load cell batch mixing system GMP and 3A sanitary grade piping for validated FDA topical product
  • Area classification studies completed for flammable and combustible product
  • Sanitary “USP grade” DI water complete system & distribution
  • Heat transfer system featuring shell and tube, plate and frame, and jacketed tank exchangers
  • Process chiller system with numerous cooling points and large distribution area

Core Challenges:

  • Full process plant design and conversion
  • Project two months behind schedule before EPIC was invited to bid the project
  • Eight weeks allowed to complete packaging process relocation & installation and startup: limited product stock
  • Parallel path project schedule: existing packaging system removed & relocated from a different plant as new process system and packaging line equipment installed
  • Sequential installation requirements: project had to be installed in a customer specified order
  • Multiple windows of onsite installation coordinated so packaging relocation project would not get behind schedule
  • Validated flammable/combustible FDA topical product
  • Products require multiple raw materials and mixing temperatures. Many of these products were highly corrosive & difficult to handle.

Unit Operations | Pilot Plant Manufacturers 

Pilot systems require pivotal unit operations to accomplish their goal. Process engineers at EPIC will help you navigate the complex technical challenges that arise throughout a pilot module project. As an experienced pilot plant supplier, we have experience in unit ops including:

  • Dense phase and dilute phase conveying
  • Batch reaction
  • Particle sizing and separation
  • Continuous reaction
  • Centrifugaion
  • Agglomeration
  • Distillation
  • Drying
  • In-line blending
  • Das absorption
  • Liquid extraction
  • Emulsion handling
  • Hot oil glycol systems
  • Ion exchange
  • High viscosity materials
  • Water de-ionization
  • Water purification
  • Heat transfer
  • Refrigeration
  • Packaging and mass transfer systems

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