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Customer Testimonials

“We were impressed with the professionalism and dedication of EPIC Systems’ entire organization, from the shop floor to their management team.  Throughout the entire project, their team communicated with clarity and transparency. 

This was especially important to us as this pilot plant project was a first-of-its-kind for Akermin.  Project scope changes were handled quickly and equitably.  I would return to EPIC for future projects and I recommend their project management expertise to other organizations requiring a turnkey contractor for design, fabrication, and commissioning.”

Bob Martinelli, Director of Engineering Operations | Akermin, Inc. 

Read the full case study associated with this testimonial: 90% CO2 Sequestration from Coal-Fired Flue Gas Achieved with Pilot Scale System…

“I have had the pleasure to work with EPIC on numerous successful jobs, and I’ve been impressed with their team of process engineers and skilled craftsmen. They are adept at achieving specified separations through column sizing and process modeling. Quality and customer service are clearly priorities for EPIC, and I recommend them for any distillation project”

Dr. Terry Tolliver, Distillation Consultant Expert and Senior Fellow | Solutia/ Monsanto

“Mead O’Brien is a customer of Epic Systems for both engineering and skid-mounted fabricated safety systems. Our experience with them over the past several years with recurring projects has been exemplary. The level of detail and professionalism for which they execute their business on our projects, starting with our assigned Project Manager, gives us high confidence regarding all evolution of our project including specification details, code compliance, welding procedures, and a host of other details necessary for refinery installation are all taken into account by their engineers, technicians, and other employees who touch some phase of our orders. 

I have personally known the CEO for a number of years and have become familiar with his teamwork approach to business leadership and success. I also know several EPIC engineers and their professional track record from their time previously working for Fortune 500 companies. The proven experience and track record of the company technical employees, not just in years, but in breadth and depth is impressive.

Our company has a high trust and confidence level in Epic Systems when we engage them with our business.”

Steve Huffman, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development | Mead O’Brien

“As a plant we have relied on EPIC Systems to be our main resource for process design and to be a project manager on some of the bigger projects.  We like using EPIC since they are very cost effective for the value you get.  When we have dealt with some of the larger Engineering firms, they tend to involve too many disciplines that are not necessarily required.”  With EPIC, we get the Engineer who can handle the job, and we deal directly with him (her).  

We have always had more than qualified Engineers from EPIC that could handle the work.  And over the years we have developed close working relationships with several of their people.  I don’t think you can go wrong with choosing EPIC.” 

T. Schoonenberg, Engineering and Operations Manager | The VVF, Illinois Services Company

“EPIC  Systems takes a conservative approach to safety, touching all safety bases such as earthquake and fire control.  Careful and thorough implementation of the projects from all disciplines, including document control and cost control, made the projects move surely and safely.”

Andy S., Project Manager | Teknor Apex

“Our collaborative partnership with EPIC enabled us  to deliver a strategically-important project on budget and within a very aggressive timeline. Installation and start-up were completed in a matter of weeks and products made in the EPIC-supplied equipment fully met expectations upon first production.”

William P., Project Engineer | global manufacturer of specialty chemical company

We chose EPIC based on their strengths in several areas and they did not disappoint. They have first rate technical know-how. EPIC did an excellent job in designing our modular blending plant.  The design included explosion proof design since there were flammable chemicals involved.  It included 11 blending tanks for 3 different finished products and a tank farm to house 9 different bulk chemicals.”

Engineering Manager | a multinational manufacturing company

“We wouldn’t even put EPIC Systems in the running if we thought that they were incapable in any way of handling each and every one of our process and safety specifications. We have no doubt that the innovative solutions built and automated by EPIC will far surpass industry and market standards for accuracy, saving us time, money and future redesign. We want to be challenged to build the most innovative and most efficient systems for our manufacturing processes. With all of their recommendations, EPIC provides solid rationale for this caliber of advanced systems. I appreciate the fact that I have an external engineering team and that I can call or just come by EPIC to talk about a new concept or project.”

Industrial manufacturing client

“I value their exploration of new technology and find long term value in this company, not just for one-off projects. EPIC’s project managers keep open communication and have our trust. We know that they can do more than just get the job done; they can get it done right. We collaborate with inventive thinking based on efficiency and do not simply rely on what worked before for another client. 

We truly share mutual respect. Oftentimes, we want input on our own designs and if they are the most effective and as efficient as they can be. We look to EPIC and they put our doubt and fear to rest through research and experiential proof. They get the parts on time and manage every facet of our projects flawlessly. 

Even when changes arise from us or if complications occur on the vendor-side, EPIC provides on-going support when we need it most. This group of engineers treats challenges as opportunities with their “we will find a way” mentality while always keeping the highest possible priority on safety. EPIC has helped our company become an engine for growth in the global economy.” 

Senior Process Engineer | a top agricultural chemicals company

EPIC offered an in-house construction service where they built modular skids for our blending systems. Six modular units containing two blending vessels each were shipped to our plant and installed with very few problems.  In Illinois, we have very expensive construction labor.  While this endeavor saved us quite a bit of expense, we found the quality of their delivered product was top-notch, conforming to all ANSI and GMP standards.”

Manager | oleochemical and personal care products company

**Some client information has been redacted out of respect for our client confidentiality agreements.

Throughout 20+ years of business, EPIC Systems President John R. Schott has built strong win-win relationships with customers, suppliers and industry partners. Read what people are saying about John below.

Alan Faust
EHS Senior Director Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical
October 12, 2012, Alan worked with John R. in different groups

John is a very dedicated and creative person. John stepped into a complicated project for my company and he and his staff turned the project into a major success. I also know John away from work.He is a model citizen and family man. I highly recommend John for any task or involvement you may have a need.

Joseph Bradley CLCS
Vice President at J.W. Terrill
October 14, 2012, John R. was a client of Joseph’s

In thirty years of industrial sales I have had the opportunity to interact with numerous business managers and owners. John Schott stands out among all others based on his integrity and intellectual wherewithal. John has a genuine interest in improving himself and others around him. He is a leader by example and brings value to those he comes in contact with.

John Hegger
General Manager at Anheuser-Busch
October 12, 2012, John was a client of Jonn R.’s

John Schott brings high intelligence, superior work ethic and business acumen to create win-win partnerships with his clients. He has assembled a team that brings creativity and integrity to make the client’s project a success. John Schott excels in the development of process by innovating and setting the bars.

Vicki Allin
Director of Territory Sales at Omni Cable
October 11, 2012, Vicki worked with John R. in different groups

John is an extremely meticulous, professional and innovative businessman. He dissects situations with the utmost care to produce the most creative and ideal solution for any situation….that includes business, customer, employee, family or friend!

Brad Seabaugh
President/Owner at Midwest Valve & Controls Inc.
October 11, 2012, Brad worked with John R. but at different companies

I have worked with John on various projects for over 12 years and have the utmost respect for him and his company standards and reliability. He has a high standard of ethics and competency on every endeavor that he pursues. I would recommend him with no reservation. Sincerely, Brad Seabaugh

Les Conover
Sr. Enterprise Risk Management Mgr. at Ameren
October 11, 2012, John R. worked with Les in the same group

I’ve known John for 15 years and the two of us worked at an electrical distributor in St. Louis where we supported each other’s sales efforts. In addition to being coworkers, John mentored me and had a tremendous influence on my decision to pursue my MBA from Washington University. He is a well-respected business leader that started his business and grew it by employing good people, empowering them, and focusing their efforts to make Epic Systems a premier engineering firm. John’s management style is text book for any successful business. What is more important is the fact John is a wonderful husband and father. He will do anything to assist a friend or colleague and puts others interests ahead of his. He gives back to the community and does it because he sees the need and has a sincere desire to help others who are less fortunate.

DeChelle Summers, CMA
Financial Controller at DUAL Commercial LLC
April 19, 2012, DeChelle reported directly to John R. worked with Steve in the same group

John is by far the best manager I have ever worked. He is fair, ethical, and cares about his employees. In a world where the bottom line has gotten even more important to manage, John has not lost sight of the importance of his employees and the value of their human capital.

John is one of those people who can learn anything. If he doesn’t know something about azeotropic distillation, he will find out exactly how it works and be able to speak intelligently about it. He learns new topics on a regular basis, just for fun.

John is one of those rare people who is good at everything he does. He is a great manager and a perfect role model. He challenges convention. He believes that by understanding fundamentals, we can tackle complex problems with simple solutions. John can recognize the potential in people and mentor them into great accomplishments. He has touched many lives and many careers. It has been a privilege to work for John for the past five years. I recommend him for any and everything.

James Long
Owner at Long Equipment Company
October 11, 2012, James was a client of John R.’s

John is the most trustworthy, competent and exceptional engineer that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His technical acumen across all fields of technical knowledge, is truly the most special trait that any company owner/engineer can have. John also has a good personality that I find to be lacking in other contacts in technical design.

Kent F. Schien, MSEM, BSME
President at Innov8Solutions
March 15, 2011, Kent F. was a client of John R.’s

John and his company Epic are of the highest integrity. Epic is a no-nonsense company that works very hard at delivering a high-quality product. John runs is company efficiently and with great pride. He and his company are a great asset to anyone’s team.

Michael Riehn
Industrial Marketer & Digital Advertising Specialist
December 9, 2010, Michael reported directly to John R.

John is one of the most talented and passionate managers I’ve had the privilege of working with. He is loyal, honest and an exceptional leader who guides each employee to reach their maximum potential by offering praise and constructive criticism. John is not only a gifted engineer, but an excellent communicator with a skill to creatively educate the nuances of various technical projects. He is an insightful strategist, who efficiently thinks through both the design and technical aspects of every project. I have learned a great deal from him in a short period of time, and consider it a privilege to work for him.

Joan Swartz
Owner at Law Offices of Joan M. Swartz LLC
February 1, 2011, Joan worked with John R. but at different companies

John is a delight to work with, you will find him prepared and knowledgeable. His best attribute is his ability to listen. I recommendJohn for any business association he pursues.

Steve Huffman
Vice President, Marketing & Business Development at Mead O’Brien, Inc.
December 3, 2010, Steve was a client of John R.s

John and his company have been good partners on several projects we have worked on together. I’ve made it a point to bring other business to Epic Systems because of the results of these projects and our relationship.

Wayne Brinkman
Senior Sales Representative at Emerson
December 3, 2010, Wayne worked with John R. but at different companies

John’s unique approach to solving problems for his customers sets him apart from other solution providers. He exploits technology in ways that always surprise me.

Craig Geil
Owner at Geil Tech LLC
December 2, 2010, Craig reported directly to John R.

I’ve worked with John for many years, both as an employee and as an outside contractor. He has always been the epitome of a first class business owner. He is fair and honest with his employees and customers. I have always been impressed with not only his deep understanding of engineering but with his wide knowledge of many other subjects such as art, architecture and film making. When stymied by business decisions in my own company I have often asked myself “what would John do in this situation”. He is a patriotic American in every sense of the word, has always championed our country’s industry.

Tim Auer
Owner at B W Creative Services
December 2, 2010, Tim worked with John R. in different groups

I have known John Schott for many years. We have been friends and co-workers. John’s most remarkable attributes are his enthusiasm for excellence, a constructive and positive approach to problem-solving and an astounding and valiant degree of personal integrity.

Kris Kozielek
Regional Mgr./Sales Engineer at Logic Inc.
December 2, 2010, Kris was a client of John R.’s

As a supplier of industrial automation equipment, I have worked with John and his organization, Epic Systems, for several years. In their projects, they use hardware and software we provide and apply it very well in a total solution for their customers. We’ve solicited Epic for work with our customers who needed complete integration services and would recommend them highly in the future.

Maria Lusardi
Marketing Consultant at Industrial Marketers, LLC
December 6, 2010, Maria reported directly to John R.

John is a very passionate business owner who really wants the best for his company and his employees. John works hard every day to ensure the success and happiness of everyone at EPIC and his high standards resonate throughout the company. Working for John has been an excellent experience.

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