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Process Scale-Up Capabilities

Transitioning from lab-scale chemistry to a pilot plant facility requires expertise in process modeling, process module design, system scale-up, power and controls integration and fabrication. Using your lab-scale process technology, EPIC will make your pilot plant concept a reality with our project management experts.

Pilot plant scale-up is best designed and implemented by qualified engineers with experience in your industry and/or application.

Factors That Affect Process Scale up 

When a process technology increases in size many of the factors related to that system often do not change in a liner manner. This is one of the many reasons why an experienced team of process engineers is essential to project success.

Design and pilot plant manufacturing

Factors that influence non-liner scale-up:

  • Fluid dynamics
  • Effective heat transfer area
  • Mixing
  • Foaming and rag layers
  • Safety considerations

A technology proven in lab scale, does not always mean it will translate into a viable pilot solution or production plant.

We use Aspen/HYSYS and other modeling tools to address the challenges of process scale-up throughout front-end engineering of your pilot plant.

Pilot Plant System Design

EPIC ensures your process technology is designed correctly from the start, using our Front End Engineering and scale-up design process. Our process engineers go beyond a theoretical understanding of process scale-up, all engineers at EPIC have first hand plant experience.  We assess the scalability of your chemical technology and provide a reliable skid design estimate. Our design engineers emphasize: easy maintenance of equipment, ergonomics during operations, employee safety, reducing counter-intuitive controls.

Codes We Follow 

Our pilot plants are designed and manufactured to meet all standard industry codes, including but not limited to:

  • (NEC) – National Electrical Code
  • (ASME) – American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • (NFPA) – National Fire Protection Association
  • (AWS) – American Welding Society
  • (IBC) – International Building Code
  • (CE) – European Conformity
  • Almost any unique client specifications provided

Materials of Construction and Equipment/Instrumentation Selection

A pilot plant skid is fabricated in EPIC's shopNon-linear scale-up effects can be managed with the proper equipment, component sizing and materials of construction. We take a pragmatic approach to component and instrumentation selection.

Design Engineers must balance the customers’ budgetary restrictions during equipment selection while still proving viability of final scale-up. While data collection is vital to pilot scale projects, EPIC selects the appropriate amount of instrumentation to meet your technical and budgetary goals.

Project Management

A seasoned engineer with experience in your type of process will serve as your single point of contact. This engineer will manage your project through skid design to plant fabrication, installation and commissioning. Our project managers have an average of almost 20 years of experience and are well qualified to guide your turnkey pilot plant project.

Your pilot plant is designed, fabricated and programmed in-house by a team of engineers and craftsman under the close supervision of the project manager.  Client participation in Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) is encouraged and will be completed prior to shipment.  Your plant will arrive fully assembled and tested, ready for installation and start up.

Start-up and Final System Turnover 

After skid fabrication and factory acceptance testing at EPIC’s facility our start-up team will ensure your system is running as specified with punch list items complete – before we consider the job complete. Complete O&M manuals and training of plat staff are an integral part of every project, and are completed before the of commissioning.  Once we consider the project 100% complete the same team who managed your project are available for continued support.

HAZOP Studies

The EPIC safety team examines each part of the original process design, to verify the pilot plat will maintain the highest level of safety. We do this by conducting complete Process Safety Analysis (HAZOP) studies.

Unit Ops

EPIC designs, engineers and fabricates pilot plats for both continuous and batch applications.

EPIC designs and builds modular process systems for batch and continuous process technologies. We build both industrial and sanitary applications. Unit operations we have experience designing modular systems for include: dense phase and dilute phase conveying, batch reaction, particle sizing and separation, continuous reaction, centrifugation, agglomeration, distillation, drying, In-line blending, gas absorption, liquid extraction, emulsion handling, hot oil glycol systems, ion exchange, high viscosity materials, water de-ionization, water purification, heat transfer, refrigeration, packaging and mass transfer systems.

Contact EPIC to learn more about our process scale-up capabilities or call 314-714-1580 to speak with an engineer.

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