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Modular Pilot Plant Design

pilot plant timelineA reduced project timeline is the main advantage to a modular pilot plant. Your skid will be built in EPIC’s state-of-the-art fabrication facility, while on-site civil changes or existing operations happen at your site.

Mobility, higher quality construction, and a reduced footprint are a few other advantages that modular design brings. Modules are delivered pre-tested with gathered process connections for fast plant hookup and commissioning.

There are many other advantages to modular design. Explore some more below or contact an engineer.

Advantages to Modular Pilot Plants

Though not a complete list, many of the advantages of pilot scale modular design are listed below. A shortened project timeline is the primary advantage, but some other main benefits include:

  • Faster Project Completion 
    • Parallel process system construction
    • Plants are constructed under ideal conditions in an indoor controlled environment, eliminating problems like weather delays and hard-to-reach equipment
    • Pretesting before shipment, gathered process connections and simplified design minimize interruptions to the rest of your plant and makes installation and commissioning faster.
  • Rmodular pilot plantseduced costs
    • Faster project timelines translate to lowered project costs.
    • Smaller field crews and perfect working conditions leads to efficient use of materials and labor and lowered costs
    • Offsite module construction reduces interruptions to existing operations
  • High Quality Modular Pilot Plants
    • Ideal shop conditions mean ideal welds, pipe fitting and fabrication
    • Our skilled craftsmen have perfected the art of pilot scale modular systems. We have high standards for craftsmen at EPIC, ensuring we provide quality systems every time
    • A strict internal quality assurance program is applied to every project that leaves our facility
  • Safety
    • A controlled shop environment means safer welds, lifts and assembly
    • OSHA exposure hours are reduced because most fabrication happens in our facility, instead of on your site
  • More
    • If you ever need to relocate your process, a modular pilot plant is contained in one easily movable unit
    • Process technology can easily be kept under-wraps in our indoors facility during development

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