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The EPIC Edge

The EPIC Edge

pilot plant fabricatorWhy choose EPIC over our competition? We utilize a modular approach that reduces lead time and increases efficiency guaranteeing your project is completed on time. Through our quality assurance and safety program, we assure that your process system will operate correctly and safely while meeting your plant and local government standards.

When working with EPIC, you will notice we are not like the rest. We have high standards when it comes to customer satisfaction, and we live by the Golden Rule. Treating our clients and vendors the way we would want to be treated is an important element in our culture.

Continue reading about the benefits of working with EPIC by choosing one of the topics listed below.

Advantages of Modular Fabrication

There are multiple advantages to EPIC’s modular approach. Along with shortening your project timeline, you can reduce cost, increase safety and receive a higher quality system through modular design and fabrication.

EPIC’s Founding Principles

EPIC was founded on the idea that manufacturers need better solutions. Read how EPIC can help you do it better.

EPIC’s Quality Assurance Program

EPIC’s complete quality assurance program includes quality control checks by our skilled craftsmen, our fabrication plant foreman, our quality control specialist, and the project manager.

Safety is of EPIC Importance 

At EPIC, safety is a top priority. Our plant provides a safe, well-organized environment for our craftspeople, allowing better quality control and efficient use of time as opposed to traditional stick-built construction.

Safety of our employees is important, but we also take visitor safety seriously. Prior to your visit at EPIC, we will provide you with a copy of our Visitor Safety Policy.


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