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What Documents and Deliverables Come With A Pilot Plant Build?

Standard documentation and deliverables are listed below. Special deliverables may apply with specific situations and processes (such as validation documentation). At the end of front-end engineering: Fixed bid quoteBase P&ID’sDescription of scope and boundary limitsEquipment, instrument and valve list based on budgetary quotesComplete PFD’sProject timelineQuotation peer reviewTechnical peer review At project completion: A fully tested […]

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How Long Does It Take To Build A Pilot Plant?

Timelines vary based on system size, complexity, equipment lead times and many other factors. However, our modular approach and off-site fabrication & testing methods regularly reduce project timelines by  2-4 months over more conventional approaches.

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How Is A Custom Pilot Skid Developed?

Pilot plant development begins with a collaboration between you, the expert in your process, and a professional pilot plant design and fabrication firm. An experienced scale-up team will bring knowledge and methods of process scale-up with commercial level process equipment. You bring details of your specific process and the project manager will team with you through start-up […]

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What Is A Pilot Plant Used For?

Jumping from lab scale straight to full production can result in problematic mixing, product output and slow or hard-to-control reactions. Chemical processes do not scale linearly, and this can make it difficult to predict how a full-scale commercial process will actually behave. While some issues can be addressed in simulations, the physical version that runs in […]

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How EPIC Systems is Responding to the COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear Valued Clients and Vendors, In the midst of this pandemic, the health and safety of our EPIC Systems employees, business partners and clients is our highest priority. At the same time, we want to reiterate that we are here for you. EPIC Systems has been deemed an essential business and remains open during this […]

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importance of a pilot plant

The Importance of a Pilot Plant

4 Reasons to Build a Pilot Plant When Scaling Production There’s a lot of money at stake when scaling a new process. Even if you’ve developed reaction data and theoretical models describing every facet of the process, bringing a lab scale process directly to a commercial plant puts you and your investors at risk. Calibrating […]

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pilot plant cost estimation

15 Factors of Pilot Plant Cost Estimation

As you gather information for your pilot plant construction project, cost will undoubtedly be one of your biggest questions to answer. So, how much does it cost to build a pilot plant? Like many things, it depends on a number of key factors. By the end of this post, you’ll have a basic understanding of […]

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Pilot Plant Manufacturer

Designing A Custom Pilot Plant: What Do I Need to Know?

Pro Tips On Custom Pilot Plant Design If you are considering designing a custom pilot plant, you probably have a lot of questions. Most initial questions are around how to determine technical scope and cost. This often requires contacting a pilot plant design company or other resources to fully determine both technical and commercial scope […]

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