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What’s The Difference Between A Regular Pilot Plant and A Modular Pilot Plant?

Modular design means that your pilot plant is built as a contained unit on a frame that allows the system to be easily transported. Pilot plants may consist of a single skid (one contained system) or have multiple skids that work together to form a complete process system.

Modular design has many distinct advantages for most pilot plants, including:

  • Pilot modules are constructed in ideal shop conditions, indoors, which leads to better quality and faster completion times.
  • Fabrication, assembly and testing of the new system will not disrupt any current operations since it is built off-site in our shop. This also provides a layer of discretion.
  • Off-site construction is also a great advantage when plant upgrades are simultaneously occurring. On-site improvements can be made in parallel with system construction, speeding up the entire project timeline.
  • Components, layout and system arrangement are simplified and organized by pilot plant design experts, reducing overall construction costs, space requirements, and required plant upgrades.
  • Explore further advantages on our Advantages to Modular page.
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