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Pilot Plants – Your Process Technology’s New Best Friend

The term pilot plant is probably something you are familiar with but you might be unsure when or why you need one. A pilot plant is an opportunity to reduce risk and narrow down unknowns before scaling up your process technology. Testing in a pilot module means testing on commercial grade equipment, which sheds light on unknowns and allows you to explore potential adjustments for operating at full production levels.

So how do you get this new best friend?

EPIC Pilot Plants Pilot Plants has the proven design/build methodology, which brings versatile lab scale research to full-scale production faster and at a lower risk.  To build custom pilot plants, EPIC’s experts complete the following stages:

  • Front-end engineering – a thorough quotation process that explores pilot plant design and layout
  • Process simulation and module design
  • In-house construction and fabrication
  • Pilot module logistics and installation
  • Plant start-up and commissioning

So have a new process technology and don’t know if a pilot plant is the right option for you?

  • This is when you most need a pilot plant. A pilot plant gives you a leg up on the competition – working out the kinks of your new process technology before moving to a full-production scale. Here is a small sample of  industries that have used an EPIC Pilot Plant to prove a new process approach: Chemical
  • Agricultural
  • Consumer
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial
  • Alternative energies
  • Food and beverage
  • R&D applications

The foundational purpose of all process technologies is for them to eventually become a full-scale solution. Once a formula is functioning at a commercial level, it will always be thankful to its best friend that got it there – an EPIC pilot plant.

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