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Ask an Engineer: What is the Best Way to Reduce Risk with a Pilot Plant Project?

A new pilot plant carries risks that many companies are unaware of. Two common problems include delayed construction timelines or project budget overages. Front End Engineering (FEE) significantly decreases these risks in the early stages of any large modular process project.

Recently, EPIC engineer Art Goldmann was interviewed on how FEE can reduce issues with timelines, budgets and other technical challenges.

“Sometimes the customer doesn’t have a clear understanding of a timeline or equipment costs, but after Front End Engineering they gain clarity on what it takes to complete the project successfully,” says Goldmann. With a completed FEE, a design and fabrication partner will have a higher probability of staying on track. The project timeline created during this pre-design phase shows exactly how long a project is going to take and maps out key milestones.

Front End Engineering also helps a design/build firm get a clear vision of a project before major resources have been invested. “Working together on Front End Engineering helps bring together a client’s process technology with EPIC’s proven methods for developing commercial systems,” says Goldmann. Mapping out the cost, timeline and the expectations of both parties eliminates speed bumps down the road.

FEE is the first critical step in the design/build process of a modular project and the key to reducing risk. The resulting master plan maps out success for each part of the process and ensures project unknowns have been explored.

EPIC is an integrator that likes to take responsibility for a project from this pre-design phase through startup and commissioning. In other words, we want to take turn key responsibility. This allows us to ensure project success through coordination of each element of a process system, including equipment purchasing, module fabrication, shipment, etc.

Talk more with EPIC about how FEE is beneficial for any modular process projects or about your specific process application.

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