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Pilot Plant Review

We’ve been busy developing custom pilot plant modules for our clients. Here’s a review of some of our most recent projects:

Biopolymer Pilot Plant for Argo Gensis

demonstration-plant-2Iowa State University partnered with Argo Genesis and EPIC to build a pilot plant for testing new bio-based asphalt additives.  The completed plant runs at the Bio Century Research Farm at Iowa State, where researches can test the production feasibility of new bio-based asphalt additives from their lab.

EPIC designed and fabricated the two-phase batch reaction plant in St. Louis, MO. One of the major design challenges involved ensuring the rubber-like substances being created in the processing system did not harden into a plug during separation. A steam stripping process was suggested and implemented by EPIC. This solution allowed water from the steam to act as a barrier liquid between the solvent and bio-polymer during separation, preventing the formation of  a hardened plug.

Akermin CO2 Capture Pilot Skid

scale test 512 x 384Akermin, Inc., an EPIC client from several years ago, came back to EPIC to upgrade a CO2 removal pilot plant we had developed together. The original pilot system tested the CO2 capture effectiveness of special enzymes within proprietary, permeable polymer films to create a Biocatalyst Delivery System. The system can be used to accelerate CO2 absorption for a wide range of amine solvents or salt solutions.

The system was recently expanded to increase per-hour capacity.  The pilot skid is currently running at the National Carbon Capture Center in Alabama where Akermin is testing .  Read full steam stripping case study…


Automated Pilot Plant Increases Production 60%

production plant photosA new, automated pilot plant was designed, fabricated and installed by EPIC to upgrade an existing automotive chemicals process system. The improved version of the process system added flexible formulation capabilities, automated batch management software, and allowed the client to produce 60% more output.

New equipment with higher temperature ratings than the previous system drastically increased system efficiency and allowed the client to produce a wider range of products on the same system. Moving from manual to automated batching improved consistency of batches between runs, with better tracking of process parameters. The pilot plant is currently running at the clients facility, and is used to develop new product lines and custom formulations for our clients end-users.

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