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Pilot Plant Design Proves Viability of Chemical Processes

Pilot plants are designed to prove production capabilities for new processes or test viability of an established process on a larger scale. A higher than average number of sampling points and instruments are typical in pilot plants, and are used to measure process parameters and results. Design of pilot skids is not straight forward. Scale-up […]

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Duplicating Modular Process Systems Saves Money

The faster a new process system can come to market, the faster it can start providing a return on your investment. Normally, modular process systems see a significant time savings over traditional build due to parallel construction. However, in a situation where multiple systems will be built, modular really shines. On top of the parallel […]

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Pilot Plant for C02 Capture To Be Built in Denmark

Akermin Inc., has announced they will be providing a carbon capture pilot plant to a waste-water treatment facility in Copenhagen, Denmark. This project will be the largest demonstration in the world of a biocatalyst removing CO2 from an industrial gas stream. Akermin will use the project to prove the commercial viability of their flue gas treatment technology. With commercial viability […]

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Pilot Plants: Prove Your Technology Fast

The most common type of pilot plant a customer is looking for is a way to prove or upgrade process technology quickly and discretely. They need a solution that doesn’t interrupt current operations, scales-up a new process to a level that has significant outputs, and does it all in the next couple of months. Pilot […]

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The Effects an Experienced Designer Can Have on Process Skid Design

Starting with the initial meeting with the client, through fabrication and installation, all steps of the project are intertwined.  The success of each stage hinges upon its predecessor.  The process skid design phase of the project is one of those critical stages that has a trickle-down effect on the remainder o the project. Designers play […]

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Industrial CO2 Distillation Pilot Plant Proving Long Term Viability

EPIC Systems, Inc. designed and engineered a distillation pilot plant that successfully removes over 80% CO2 from exhaust generated by a coal-fired power plant. The pilot plant, which utilizes Akermin Inc.’s process technology, has recently passed a significant milestone. It completed over 1,600 hours of operation without any reduction in efficacy. Samples of the flue […]

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Pilot Plant Helps Move Emissions Technology Forward

A pilot plant built by EPIC Modular Process is helping change the future of emissions for industrial plants and power plants. Akermin, Inc. developed a proprietary Biocatalyst Delivery System which reduces both CO2 emissions and the costs of lowering those emissions. The technology has been developed with the US Department of Energy, Novozymes, EPIC, Battelle […]

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Advantages of Modular Process Design Infographic

Would you like your process system to be built faster? Or take up less space in your plant? Would you like to shave a month off your project schedule? These are a few of the advantages that modular process system design holds over traditional process design. Explore the infographic below to see more advantages to […]

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8 Key Challenges To Pilot Plant Scale-Up

Challenge #1: Non-linear Scale-Up – It’s not that easy Challenge #2: Reaction Kinetics – Do you mix well? Challenge #3:Chemical Equilibrium – How fast do you react? Challenge #4: Material Properties – What are you made of? Challenge #5:Fluid Dynamics – How do you flow? Challenge #6: Thermodynamics – Are you hot or cold? Challenge […]

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