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Pilot Process Systems

Three of 2015’s Best Skids & Pilot Plant Systems

With the collaboration of astute minds and incalculable amounts of elbow grease, EPIC has delivered a number of successful systems this year. With the New Year just around the corner, it is a good time to reflect the fresh batch of skids and  pilot plant systems that have been through the EPIC doors these past […]

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aspen pilot plant design

What Can EPIC and Aspen Hysys do for you?

With the licensing of Aspen Technologies, EPIC has expanded process simulation capabilities available in-house for our clients. What can 3D models developed by our scale-up experts in Aspen Plus or Aspen HYSYS do for you? Improve accuracy of preliminary process design, reduce project scale-up timelines from design to installation, and lower overall job costs. While […]

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Ask An Engineer: Chemical Plant Design

Ask An Engineer: Chemical Plant Design with Mike Wodicker  Question: What is a main concern when you are working on a system for an industrial chemical plant?  Answered by Mike Wodicker, an EPIC Chemical Project Manager: A main focus that has to be taken into account when you are designing a system for an industrial […]

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capabilities for production scale systems

The Proper Use of a Pilot Plant

Pilot plants are the middle ground that shouldn’t be overlooked in upscaling a new lab proven formula. Well executed pilot skids are beneficial in obtaining more data on a process, and validating a model before taking it full scale, saving you headaches and money in the long run. Let it be known that pilot plant […]

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solvent reclamation system

Three Reasons for Choosing a Turnkey Pilot Plant

There is more than one way to skin a cat, as they say. We just think that the EPIC way is the most well rounded solution for not only us, but for each of our clients. Here is a turnkey example of a batch reaction-to-distillation pilot plant that was completed by EPIC. EPIC was tasked […]

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production plant photos

Pilot Plant Cost Factors

EPIC is your one stop shop for pilot plant design, fabrication, integration, and word has gotten out. We have been experiencing an increased amount of inquiry’s with questions around our pilot plant capabilities and the cost associated with pilot plants. In response to the recent increases we’ve developed a few new resources to help iron out […]

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Design and pilot plant manufacturing

Video Collection: Pilot Plants on the Move

We’ve had a fair share of pilot plant projects come through our fabrication facility in the last year. Below are a collection of videos that give you an idea of what some of those projects looked like at various stages. This is a frame for one of our pilot skids, leaving the shop to get […]

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Industrial pilot plant

Pilot Plant Capabilities Through the EPIC Lens

Below is a video that demonstrates the modular phases EPIC uses for pilot plant development and implementation. This approach has brought successful systems to clients such as Church and Dwight Co Inc., BASF, Dial, DuPont, P&G, Monsanto and many more. Pilot plant modularization has many advantages over a tradition stick build projects by bringing your system […]

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scale of production

Faster Pilot Plant Quotes with AspenONE

Did you know, that EPIC has brought AspenONE in house, to expand our in house process simulation capabilities? Process simulation and optimization is the main function of Aspen & HYSYS for the design and operations of pilot plants. This software has given us the ability to lower cost and reduce project timelines for many common […]

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modular pilot plant

Pilot Plant Design Steps

Want to build a pilot plant to test process technology, but not sure how to get started? What does a pilot plant cost? What steps are involved? The steps of pilot plant design are outlined in the slideshare below. The six basic steps are: Consultation with a professional process engineering company Design – creating process […]

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