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How Is A Custom Pilot Skid Developed?

Pilot plant development begins with a collaboration between you, the expert in your process, and a professional pilot plant design and fabrication firm. An experienced scale-up team will bring knowledge and methods of process scale-up with commercial level process equipment.

You bring details of your specific process and the project manager will team with you through start-up and commissioning. From basic concept discussions, you will progress through the following:

  1. Front-end engineering design (FEED) – FEED is completed to provide a fixed bid quotation and an accurate engineering package. Finished process flow diagrams (PFD’s),  piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID’s), and other basic system requirements are mapped out and primary equipment selection completed. Project timeline, cost and system layout are also developed during the project. Pilot plant price is established at the end of FEED.
  2. Detailed design – Once your FEED package has been presented and accepted, detailed system design progresses. P&ID’s are finalized, equipment is finalized and ordered, and a 2D design is developed. The conversations started in front-end engineering are outlined and continue to evolve. 3D modeling and process simulation are also completed during this stage, resulting in optimized system design and finalized material balances.
  3. Construction, assembly, and testing – Your pilot plant is assembled and fabricated in EPIC’s shop by our skilled craftsmen. Fabrication in the controlled environment of a fabrication facility ensures higher quality construction, a shorter overall project timeline, a safer working environment and lower risk for you. Completed modules are fully tested, with open door testing participation with the client at EPIC.
  4. Shipment –  Modules are safely loaded at EPIC and shipped to your site. We arrive with the module to oversee unloading, installation and start-up.
  5. Installation and Startup – Once we complete installation at your facility, full punch list resolution and complete system check-out is completed. Operator and maintenance training are performed onsite, and all project documentation is given with hands-on instruction and walkthroughs.
  6. Support – After we turn the system over to you, we can be counted on to be there when you need us. Call EPIC: 314-274-1941 or email us at: [email protected].

See our complete turnkey design-build method for more details.

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