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President’s Corner: Form & Function Coexisting

EPIC recently held their annual company meeting which consists of the management team presenting to to the staff the accomplished goals of previous year and the goals that were set for the year to come. One consistent theme throughout the presentations was the mission to separate EPIC from the competition. Above is a President’s Corner segment that discusses the main way that EPIC stands out from its competitors.

One of the praised benefits of working with EPIC is the quality of work that is delivered, and the functionality that comes with each system. As President of EPIC John Schott says, “Form and function can coexist.” You can have aesthetics and style in the same product that has killer features”. Developing a modular pilot plant system, a custom machine for your manufacturing line, a machine vision system that detects all of your specific needs, or integrating a new packing system into your facility doesn’t come cheap in today’s market. Thus, your best bet is to work with a integrator that delivers a product that goes beyond your expectations, bells and whistles included.

But wait, there’s more! Form and function of a pilot plant is great and all, but what about the services that your integrator provides? Unlike other pilot plant manufacturers, EPIC’s expert engineering team can help you both design your modules and ensure quality fabrication and assembly, all under one roof. EPIC takes pride in being the one-stop-shop for all of your modular pilot plant needs. We provide expert process, mechanical, and control system design. Contact an engineer today to start designing your custom pilot skid. Also, take a look at the value that EPIC represents with the modules that we design and fabricate.

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