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Faster Pilot Plant Quotes with AspenONE

Did you know, that EPIC has brought AspenONE in house, to expand our in house process simulation capabilities? Process simulation and optimization is the main function of Aspen & HYSYS for the design and operations of pilot plants.

This software has given us the ability to lower cost and reduce project timelines for many common applications, which include pilot plant scale-up, distillation columns, Fischer-Tropsch processes, and solvent recovery systems.

“By having the simulation technology in-house, we are able to more accurately size process equipment, and find specific constraints much earlier in the front-end engineering process,” says Chris Abduljabbar, a modular process engineer at EPIC.

“The software helps us generate material balances early in the design phase. With a faster understanding of the process requirements, we find a more accurate cost estimation and specific design details. Quotes with increased accuracy, and faster turnaround times are both beneficial when dealing with pilot plant scale-up projects.”

EPIC Systems successfully used AspenONE, HYSYS, Aspen Plus and EDR to model something as specific as the kinetics of an individual reaction all the way to an entire multi-skid chemical plant.  By doing so we have been able to validate design considerations and size the process to meet each customer’s performance and budget needs.

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