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Watch: Pilot Plant Splits in Half for Shipping

EPIC puts thousands of man hours into each pilot plant module that we produce. Starting with front-end engineering and working through design, fabrication and assembly, our team implements a proven method that results in successful pilot plant installations.

With the amount of work that goes into the design/build process, departure from the EPIC shop is a serious task. Above is a time lapsed look at the recent departure of a uniquely designed pilot skid; the module splits cleanly in half to hit the road in two pieces. The careful separation and loading procedure took nearly nine hours, with the help of our trusted shipping partner HWP Rigging.

As the pilot plant dangled in the air, Safety & QA Manager Paul Kirksey was on site to make sure everyone remained safe. “This plant was uniquely designed to meet shipping height and weight requirements while on the truck. We fabricated it in two levels so transit was easier and we didn’t have to worry about maxing out those limits,” mentioned Kirksey. From the looks of the video, it’s a good thing we did just that.

If you are planning for an industrial or pilot plant job soon and would like to speak with an engineer, contact EPIC.

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