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Pilot Plant Helps Move Emissions Technology Forward

Distillation Pilot PlantA pilot plant built by EPIC Modular Process is helping change the future of emissions for industrial plants and power plants. Akermin, Inc. developed a proprietary Biocatalyst Delivery System which reduces both CO2 emissions and the costs of lowering those emissions. The technology has been developed with the US Department of Energy, Novozymes, EPIC, Battelle and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

CO2 is removed from flue gas by using an eco-friendly salt solution and the pilot plant, which together enable biocatalyst replacement. This system can be incorporated into conventional processes and Akermin is currently taking inquiries and actively seeking partners.

This was a great project for EPIC. Akermin’s need for small footprint and off-site construction aligned perfectly with EPIC’s modular approach to pilot skids. The entire system was built a single unit, and installed as a “plug-and-play” solution at the test site. If the process system had been built in the traditional stick-built manner, the project schedule would have increased by several months and costs would have been much higher. We partnered with Akermin to help them Do It Better.

We love being involved in projects that are a perfect match for our skill set, achieve better results for our client and Move American Manufacturing Forward. The technology that Akermin is developing will have a positive impact on manufacturers that must meet emissions requirements. It also helps the environment by removing close to 90% of CO2 in flue gas streams. What a win-win proposition!

We are proud to say that this pilot plant & the CO2 capture technology were both developed in St. Louis, Missouri.

If you want to in-depth details about the project check out the full case-study. If you want to work with EPIC and Do It Better, contact us.

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