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Industrial Chemical Absorption Systems – How it’s like making coffee

Did you know that coffee is the second most valuable traded commodity? Second only to petroleum. Not only do coffee and petroleum share the top spots, they also use common separation technologies, specifically absorption. Industrial chemical absorption is defined as a process in which one or more soluble components (solutes) are removed from the gas […]

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The Importance of FEE

Ask an Engineer: What is the Best Way to Reduce Risk with a Pilot Plant Project?

A new pilot plant carries risks that many companies are unaware of. Two common problems include delayed construction timelines or project budget overages. Front End Engineering (FEE) significantly decreases these risks in the early stages of any large modular process project. Recently, EPIC engineer Art Goldmann was interviewed on how FEE can reduce issues with […]

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President’s Corner: Representing Value

EPIC’s strategy of using front end engineering is different than most process systems design and engineering firms. But that’s why is works. Using this method, EPIC adds more value to a project than the traditional stick/build engineering group that is going to provide a fixed bid quote. With the value that EPIC brings with front end engineering and consistent quality assurance practices, clients […]

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Keys to Modular Chemical Plants

Industrial modular chemistry and process systems engineering isn’t easy. There is no better way to put it. Although difficult to construct, and even more daunting to upscale, keeping these simple elements in the back of your mind through the development of your chemical plant will lessen the headache of implementing a new system onto your […]

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