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Don’t jeopardize proving your process technology by producing an inferior product in your pilot plant. Optimized reaction equipment will keep your reaction in-control and happening at a rate viable for commercialization. Our process experts implement proven pilot plant reactor solutions that balance reaction kinetics while selecting commercial-level equipment that meets your measurement, production and budget goals.

We work with a variety of reactions for demonstration modules and pilot skids, including decomposition reactions, double-replacement, neutralization, oxidation, precipitation, synthesis, and single-replacement.

Contact an engineer today or call 314-714-1580 to discuss your custom pilot or demonstration plant today.

Reactors come in two styles; batch or continuous. EPIC works with both technologies, though batch is more common in pilot plant scale. Read more details below, or contact an engineer today to start discussing your specific project.

Batch reactor systems

Batch reaction can be semi-automated or fully automated, depending on your needs. With expert integration of batching equipment and batch management software, you can easily track product runs, end-product and scrap from washout.

Controlling your reaction and providing high-quality end-product while meeting your budget is our goal. Reactions with extremes like full vacuums and high pressure can be handled by our proven pilot plants as well. EPIC’s engineers have over 20 years of experience designing reaction system for commercial environments and will guide your system through the necessary steps to reach full commercial realization.

Continuous reactor systems

While less common in pilot plants, continuous reaction systems can be integrated into demonstration modules. Continuous stirred reactors (CSTR) and in-line reaction systems are the most common systems we work with.

Like with batch reactors, our team has over twenty years of experience designing reactor systems for manufacturing environments. We will scale your continuous reaction system to successfully work at production levels while equipping your system with the instrumentation to take key measurements that will help you perfect end-product.

To get pricing information or discuss your project with an EPIC engineering specialist, please call 314-714-1580 or fill out the contact form below.

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Examples of Proven Pilot Reactor Modular Plants by EPIC:

Catalytic Reaction Technology Commercialized with Batch Pilot Plant Reactor 

pilot reactor modular systemsA proprietary catalytic technology involving an ion-exchange reaction was proven commercially successful with a batch reactor pilot plant by EPIC. The pilot plant allowed the chemical company client to successfully scale from lab-sized and demonstrate the feasibility of a full manufacturing facility. With over fifteen sampling points, the system also allowed extensive data collection on the hazardous end-product. A full-scale production facility for the process followed the pilot plant tests.

Key Features: Catalytic reactor, scale-up of R&D process, low flow, highly corrosive, effluent treatment system, Teflon lined piping, tight footprint

Flexible Demonstration Plant Increases Production by 60%

pilot scale reactor

An automotive chemicals company needed a solution for producing small-run custom formulations for it’s end customers. EPIC provided a pilot skid that replaced an existing semi-automated system and featured better batch management software. This module expanded production by 60% for the company, allowing it to further refine internal product testing and sell larger amounts of customized formulations.

Key Features: Batch reactor, batch management software, permanent pilot plant.

Custom Pilot Plant Design

The starting place for every project is a discussion about our fit your technical and commercial goals. Contact an Engineer 314-714-1580 to start this discussion. If we both decide to move forward, your project will progress through our turnkey design/build process which includes:

  • EPIC’s Front-End Engineering
  • Demonstration plant design
  • Process controls engineering
  • Modular fabrication and testing
  • System installation
  • Start-up and commissioning

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