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Pilot Plant Applications

Other Applications

EPIC is experienced at integrating and scaling a wide-variety of process applications and technologies. Beyond mixing, reaction and separation and the processes that fall beneath them, we also deal with heat transfer, particle sizing, drying, and product transport & storage. Any of these process applications or unit operations can be incorporated into your pilot plant.

If you are looking for a certain unit operation or application and do not see if on our site, please give us a call 314-714-1580 to contact an EPIC engineer. While we can share most information online, there are some areas and examples that we have not shared. The best way to see if your project is a technical and commercial fit for a demonstration, pilot or modular commercial plant is to contact us.

Other Process Applications:

fluid transport skidsHeat Transfer

All of our pilot plant modules include some type of heat transfer application, usually both naturally and purposely. Every pilot, demonstration or commercial plant we build has its process thoroughly modeled to optimize heat and mass transfer and develop appropriate material balances. Correctly scaling heat transfer is critical to system success.

Within a given process system, heat can be transferred through conduction, convection or radiation. A system may only have one type of heat transfer, or any combination or three happening in sequence or at the same time. EPIC will model and plan for all system heat transfer, and provide you with a proven solution that ensures your process stays under-control and highly efficient.


There are four main ways to apply drying at a process level:

  • Direct drying (convection)
  • Indirect drying (conductive/contact)
  • Radiant heat drying
  • Dielectric heat drying

The trick to drying  is to identify which method will have the fastest result, for the least amount of cost, while still maintaining product integrity. Dielectric and radiant heat are used least often, but any of the methods can be done in batch or continuous applications. Contact an engineer today to discuss your particular application.

Particle Sizing

Efficient particle sizing requires and intimate understanding of particle size distribution. Equipment must be robust enough to handle aggregation and agglomeration and consistency over the long-term, but you don’t want overly expensive equipment that is unnecessary. EPIC will help you meet your bulk density goals while enlarging or reducing formula particles.

Contact an engineer today to start specifying your sizing system.

Transport & Storage

Though the least glamorous of applications, piping, instrumentation and product storage are arguably among the most important. Slowed reactions, system back-ups and contaminated product are a few of the mishaps that can occur when the fundamentals are not done correctly. Those key elements include:

  • Flow measurement and process instrumentation – especially important for measuring process characteristics in pilot and demonstration plants
  • Pumping equipment
  • Process piping
  • Product storage & storage vessels

With over 20 years of process system development under the belt, if there is one thing EPIC knows how to do, it’s handle your product correctly. Our systems consistently transport, measure, deliver and store your product safely. Contact EPIC today to begin building your modular process skid.

To get pricing information or discuss your project with an EPIC engineering specialist, please call 314-714-1580 or fill out the contact form below.

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Next Steps: Get A Quote for Your Custom Module

Getting your custom pilot plant design starts by reaching out to an engineer 314-714-1580 at EPIC to discuss your specific application. We thoroughly discuss your technical, commercial and operational goals for the project. Our process is:

  1. Discuss the technical, commercial and operational aspects of your project with us.
  2. Design your custom pilot plant, simulation of process technologies to find optimized process system design. Material balances, process flow diagrams, operating conditions and limits, piping and instrumentation diagrams, etc. generated along with complete models.
  3. Automation and controls design begins and continues through assembly and fabrication. Varying levels of automation can be applied depending on your needs, from nearly manual to fully automated.
  4. Assembly and fabrication is completed in EPIC’s plant. Our professional craftsmen work under controlled conditions to produce the highest quality skids.
  5. Full testing is completed on all pilot skids at EPIC’s facility. This includes equipment and controls testing, as well as special safety tests as needed. Modules arrive at your facility fully tested and ready to go.
  6. Shipping and installation at your facility. Our team comes to you with a fully tested pilot plant ready to be installed and integrated into your facility. Complete integration of a new system takes an average of three days to complete, including punch-list and turnover.
  7. On-going support is provided as you run your pilot plant on an as-needed basis. Questions, concerns or future system adjustments, EPIC is there for you.

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