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Pilot Plant Applications

Industrial Process Mixing Systems

Selecting the right mixing equipment for your pilot plant is important for ensuring product consistency, shorter batch cycles and lower operational costs. A mixing plant is one of the most common process steps incorporated into our proven pilot skids.

Working directly in manufacturing environments every day, we understand how to design pilot plant mixing systems that reduce scrap, lower power consumption and improve system performance. We get it right the first time so you can be running in production quickly.

Contact an engineer today or call 314-714-1580 to discuss your custom pilot or demonstration plant today.

Mixing Systems:

Demonstration of a mixing systemSemi or fully automated mixing plant systems are often incorporated into pilot plants. When designing an industrial level batch mix plant our focus is on accuracy and consistency over time. Selecting the right mixing equipment is essential to control costs while ensuring accurate end-products. The controls and programming are crucial to the process, and EPIC can deliver everything from simple user interfaces to more complex recipe management systems.

Blending Systems:

blending system exampleBlending systems are similar to mixing systems, but have subtle differences. Generally, blending is gentler process and more often applied to solids or solid-liquid combinations. Efficiency and sustained accuracy are the goals to this process, with a focus on ingredient additions and consistent end-product. Like mixing systems, blending systems can be incorporated into your demonstration or pilot plant as either batch (most common) or continuous systems.

Inline Systems:

mixing systemsChemical injection systems, or inline blending systems, are a common version of continuous mixing/blending systems. These systems can be built in skid form, and generally require less space than a traditional system. Other benefits include less equipment requirements, minimal costs for new ingredients/variants and rapid expansion of product offerings with quick additions for flavors, fragrances and dye. Talk to one of our engineers to see if inline blending systems are the best system for your application.

Dispersion Applications:

The most common application for dispersion mixing systems is powders into liquids, which can be difficult to design without an experienced engineer. Dust containment, process contamination and avoiding clumping in the mixing process are major concerns that can turn into big problems. If designed incorrectly, processing time will increase and heavier-than-necessary equipment may be employed to deal with breaking up lumps and agglomerates. EPIC’s team has many years of experience designing proven dispersion mixing systems, and we will help you design an optimal system that delivers consistent end-product.


Mixing systems that suspend non-soluble particles in a fluid are similar to dispersion and provide unique challenges. Common application include: industrial chemicals, agri-chem and oil. EPIC provides a turnkey pilot plant that optimizes suspension. The keys to long-term ROI for suspension mixing systems are: Correct particle size and distribution; Complete particle suspension, which keeps your ingredient dissolution on track; Minimal settled solids; Efficient mass transfer during reactions involving catalyst particles. We thoroughly outline your process goals and key success metrics for the system, then design and select equipment that is most appropriate for your end-product and budget.

Emulsion Systems:

EPIC delivers experts emulsion systems that efficiently mix your dispersed phase into your continuous phase. We have developed successful emulsion systems for a wide variety of applications, including food, consumer products, industrial chemicals and bio-chemicals. Several technologies are available for industrial emulsion systems from simple stirring to process intensification using ultrasound technology. Whether your process calls for regular emulsion, micro-emulsion or nano-emulsion, EPIC will provide a proven system with long-term ROI and consistent output.

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Emulsion System and Mixing Plant for Demonstration of New Making Process

A client approached EPIC with a new way of making their product that involved an emulsion process not applied in their industry before. With a tight timeline for product launch and a restricted footprint, a modular production plant was the perfect solution. Working with the client to overcome process challenges with the high-temperature, highly corrosive nature of the end-product, EPIC was able to help the client launch the product on-time and prove viability of the new making method.

Key Features: Emulsion mixing system, food grade sanitary commercial skid, modular process design, civil site upgrades

Sanitary Modular Pilot Plant Mixing System

A multi-skid batching plant process for water, fragrances, antibacterial and dust control chemicals was designed and integrated for a Fortune 100 pet care client. The sanitary USP grade tank mixing system was designed as a series of modular skids. The platform and modular design allowed easy access to chemical batching skids, equipment and system controls.

Key Features: Batch mix plant, USP grade system, modular skid, antibacterial, dust control chemicals.

Custom Mixing Plant Design

The starting place for every project is a discussion about our fit your technical and commercial goals. Contact an Engineer 314-714-1580 to start this discussion. We will evaluate your project and if we are a fit to move forward, your project will progress through our turnkey design/build process which includes:

  1. EPIC’s Front-End Engineering
  2. Demonstration plant design
  3. Process controls engineering
  4. Modular fabrication and testing
  5. System installation
  6. Start-up and commissioning

Pilot Plant Mixing Systems Equipment

Pilot plants can have a variety of mixing equipment. Common types of equipment we work with:

Batch Mixing Equipment

  • Blenders:
    • Bulk
    • Cone  and screw
    • Roll
    • Ribbon
    • Pan
    • Plow
  •  Mixers:
    • Change-can
    • Helical blade
    • Double-arm kneading
    • Screw-discharge
    • Banbury mixers
    • Intensive mixers
  • Other
    • Roll mills
    • Batch muller


Continuous Mixing Plant Equipment

  • Extruders
  • Impellers
  • Injectors
  • Mixers
    • Agitated line
    • Double cone mixers
    • Farrel continuous mixers
    • Inline shear mixer
    • Jet mixers
    • Ribbon mixers
    • Single-screw
    • Static
    • Through-and-screw
    • Twin rotor
    • Turbine mixers
    • Twin-shell mixers
    • Vertical screw mixers
  • Other
    • Pug mills
    • Continuous muller
    • Kneadermaster
    • Processors
    • Tumblers
    • Horizontal drums
  •  Stirrers
  • Tanks
    • Unbaffled
    • Baffled
    • Agitated vessels

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