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Pilot Plant Applications

Process System Applications

pilot-plant-supplierWe build pilot plants for a wide variety of unit operations. Our team of chemical engineers have a unique range of process experience and will work with you to ensure commercial viability. Uniting major processing steps into a complete, production style system requires an experienced pilot plant engineer. Equipment sizing, material flow, reaction control and many other factors must be carefully designed. EPIC has almost twenty years of experience designing and building pilot plant modular process systems that expertly integrate unit operations for sanitary and industrial processes into fully functioning, production level process systems.

Based on your application, you may have a single application listed below or several combined into one process flow. Common types of process applications for
demonstration and pilot modules are:

  • Separation
    • Distillation
    • Solvent Recovery
    • Absorption
    • Stripping
    • Extraction
    • Precipitation
    • Mechanical separation
  • Other
    • Drying
    • Particle Sizing
    • Transport & Storage

Gallery: Pilot Plant Unit Operations

Proven System Examples:

Absorption Demonstration Module Proves Enzyme Technology

steam distillation towerAkermin, Inc. approached EPIC with a project to build a demonstration skid to prove a proprietary enzyme technology could be successful at absorbing CO2 from flue gas. A two-column absorption system was designed by an expert pilot plant engineer and built by EPIC on a portable module that was shipped and installed in Alabama at a carbon capture research facility. The final solution from EPIC successfully removes over 80% CO2 from exhaust generated by a coal-fired power plant. This system has proven itself in the field by completing more than 2,000 hours of operation without any reduction in efficacy.

Key Features:  Demonstration plant, packed columns, absorption column, steam stripping column, reboiler, DeltaV DCS

Batch Pilot Plant Modular Design/Build Successfully Scales Ion-Exchange Process

Batch reactor pilot plantSearching for a way to move from lab-scale to a production plant, a fortune 500 chemicals company came to EPIC for a batch reactor pilot plant to scale a catalyst ion-exchange reaction technology. Unknowns for full-production needed to be tested and resolved before investment in the larger facility could be secured. EPIC was able to scale the R&D project into a successful pilot plant that boasted over 20 sampling points, without the client having to disclose proprietary information about the end-product.

Key Features: Catalytic reactor, scale-up of R&D process, low flow, highly corrosive, effluent treatment system, Teflon lined piping, tight footprint


We truly share mutual respect. We look to EPIC and they put our doubt and fear to rest through research and experiential proof. They get the parts on time and manage every facet of our projects flawlessly. Even when changes arise from us or if complications occur on the vendor-side, EPIC provides on-going support when we need it most.  EPIC has helped our company become an engine for growth in the global economy.” – Senior Process Engineer for a Chemical Additive Demonstration Plant Project

Get Started With Your Turnkey Solution

The starting place for every project is a discussion about our fit your technical and commercial goals. Contact an Engineer 314-714-1580 to start this discussion. If we both decide to move forward, your project will progress through our turnkey pilot plant process modular design/build which includes:

  1. Contact a pilot plant engineer
  2. EPIC’s Front-End Engineering
  3. Demonstration plant design
  4. Process controls engineering
  5. Modular fabrication and testing
  6. System installation
  7. Start-up and commissioning

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