Demonstration & Pilot Plant Experts

What We Build: Pilot Plants

pilot plantYou bring the process technology, EPIC delivers a proven pilot plant, commissioned for commercial success. Our process engineers reduce risk by applying a wide variety of project experience. We develop efficient project timelines with a technical & practical approach. EPIC builds your pilot plant skid in three main sizes:

How We Build Them: Turnkey

pilot plant design

We begin creating your system by applying the latest in pilot plant design, utilizing robust modeling software and a complete understanding of your process technology. Your project manager guides your pilot plant through a turnkey process that includes our state of the art design, fabrication & installation. Unlike many of our competitors, we take complete responsibility for both design and fabrication, fully commissioning the system for production.

Who We Build Plants For: Industries

pilot plant examplesEPIC creates custom project teams during every quotation to fit your industry and application. We showcase their unique credentials and allow you to ask questions of each member of the team. We believe people make projects work and an understanding of industry needs creates value. EPIC hires engineers for both industrial and sanitary industries, with experience in: new technologies, chemicals and consumer products.

Pilot Plant Process Applications

pilot plant applicationsIs your technology primarily based around a reaction, mixing/separation, or something else? A custom pilot plant skid from EPIC can incorporate most process applications. Many modules encompass more than one technology. Visit the applications page to learn more about the types of applications that can be integrated.

What We’ve Done Before: Experience

pilot plant experience

Our experience is focused in process scale-up of pilot plants, demonstration plants and commercial plants. EPIC’s capabilities produce pilot modules with proven ROI across a wide range of applications and industries. Check out our sample testimonials from several recent clients.

Why Work With EPIC?

Chemical pilot plant examplesEPIC creates unique value through our: company culture, modular engineering & fabrication methods & repeatable standards for all systems we build. Our efficient project management team brings your pilot plant to market faster, proving your technology and scaling to your production requirements.

Industries Served

industrial-pilot-plantEPIC's engineers have experience in many industries, sanitary & industrial. If you do not see your industry, please contact us...



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